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Get Stock of the Stock Market -
Understanding and Investing Right

When you buy shares of a particular company, you effectively become an owner for the corresponding value of that company or corporation. You will also receive any dividend or bonus shares, which that company issues, as part of sharing the company’s profits. The value of your shares not only depends on the company’s performance but also depends on the stock market. Here are some more details about investing and earning in the stock market.

Most people hold common stock, which is one of the two types of stock, the other being preferred stock. If you want to receive dividends on a priority basis, then you can buy preferred stocks. When a company earns more profits, it might decide to share those earnings with its stockholders, i.e. with you. The effect is two fold since once it declares a dividend to its stockholders, the company’s stock price also moves up since people perceive the company as a healthy company that is willing to share its profits with its shareholders. Earnings alone do not indicate that the stock prices will go up but it is in the stock market, where all the action takes place and which eventually decides the price of any stock. These markets have indexes, which in effect are like meters, which tell you as to the current standing of all the stocks. So, indexes like the Nasdaq, the Dow, etc will indicate the current status of the stock market. You can also refer to the past performances of any of the companies you plan to invest in by looking at these indexes and tracking the movement of their stock. These companies and their stocks are also classified into different sectors such as power, infrastructure, etc and it would be a good idea to invest in different sectors instead of investing only in one sector. That way in case of any sector becoming weak, you are not hit too badly.

Whenever you want to buy any shares of a particular company, it is better to do a detailed analysis of that company based on its earnings, book value, dividend declared, projected earnings, etc. The stock market is quite unpredictable and bounces up and down not only due to internal factors such as bad performances by companies but also due to external events such as fuel prices going up, inflation, war, etc. So, your calculations can go for a toss if the stock market plummets after you have bought stocks in a particular company or companies. However, the key is not to lose your cool. If you have invested in a Blue Chip Company, i.e. a reputed company with strong fundamentals, then it is just a matter of time that the stock prices bounce back to your purchase price and also above that. In fact, whenever the stock market drops drastically, it is a good time to buy stocks. Lack of information and greed are the 2 most important factors, which makes investors lose money in the stock market. So conduct a proper research of any company where you plan to invest and sell off once you see the prices going up. Sell as soon as the price increases to a decent level and live to buy another day. If you have a feeling that the share market may plummet, then it would be a good idea to sell off your shares and keep that money ready to purchase shares if and when your feeling comes true. Just in case you are unable to monitor the stock market on a daily basis, then you could invest in mutual funds, where the returns might be low but the risk is also substantially low.

So be alert and informed, keep your share basket filled with assorted shares, avoid being too greedy and watch your stock portfolio blossom and pay you back handsomely.

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Article written by: Craig Parker - Make Money Expert

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