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Sensible Credit Card Spending:
Limit your spending and secure your limit

If you have one or more credit cards, understand one important point that you have not got that card because the bank is very happy with you, but rather because the bank wants you to use that card, pay your minimum balance and then keep on paying interest over the rest of your balance. That interest is their earning and they will try their best to lead you through the narrow route where you do not pay off your entire balance at one go on one hand and also do not default on your payment on the other hand. This will ensure that they can milk you by adding on additional layers of interest over your outstanding payment.

So, a bit of discretion on your part can ensure that you do not get trapped in this legal web that card issuers try to weave around you once you have acquired that shiny brand new card. If you already have other cards, then it makes more sense to cancel some of those cards, which are not being used regularly. This can reduce the risk in case of a lost card and can also be useful in keeping track of your remaining cards as regards to their outstanding balances. Keep a tight control over those cards. Understand one simple fact, that a credit card is just a financial tool to ensure that you do not carry cash along with you and that you can pay back in installments after using that card for any purchase. Your credit rating will, however, decide your credit limit and also determine the rate of interest you will end up paying to your credit card company. So, if your rating starts going down, then from this moment on, it is all downhill. So trying to stop that slide and crawling back on top of the ratings is the only way out of this financial mess. It is vital that you keep a regular check on your credit ratings. You can visit the email addresses of the credit agencies such as or or and check out your credit ratings. You must report any discrepancies immediately as soon as you notice them so that start pulling your ratings down for no fault of yours. With banks becoming stricter by the day, failure to improve your ratings will see your credit limit decrease and your interest rate increase.

David Black, Defaqto's head of banking, suggests that you do not over apply for credit since that move will be recorded in your credit file. He also suggests moving to a zero percent interest rate for balance transfers such as Ulster Bank, or Britannia Building Society or Norwich and Peterborough Building Society, which offer 5 to 6 months as zero per cent rate. Cards with cash back schemes could also be taken to avail of those benefits. Fuel rebates upto a certain percentage and limit are also offered by some card companies and you are a heavy car user, then you can benefit from such a scheme. With Banks such as Egg, which was taken over by Citigroup, leading the charge by trying to relieve 1,60,000 cardholders off their cards, the message seems very clear. Banks do not want very good or very bad customers. They want only interest paying customers who lay golden eggs, do not fly away and do not lay ordinary eggs.

So, keep track of your credit ratings. Get them to note any changes in your financial and even personal life such as a separation from your spouse. Keep a tight leash on your spending in these tough times and ensure that you get regular updates from your 3 credit rating agencies. These measures will ensure that your life remains stress free and credit free as well.

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Article written by: Craig Parker - Make Money Expert

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