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Getting The Best Interest Is In Your Best Interest: Save Your Savings

With interest rates poised to plummet downward, now is the right time to lock your money in the bank and take advantage of the interest offered by them. In future, it could become difficult for banks to maintain that interest rate and by then it will be too late for you to get what you could get now.

December has already seen banks slash savings interest rates by 0.5% and with the sub prime crisis in 'hurricane mode' in the US of A, their Federal Reserve has already reduced the key interest rate from 1.25% to 3%. This cascading effect has touched the shores of England and the Bank of England has also followed suit by slashing 0.25% off its key interest rate. With the inter banking crunch almost over, those banks that were offering a higher rate of interest to get new deposits will no longer have to carry those schemes forward. Now is your chance to put in your money in savings so that you can book the higher interest rates before these banks withdraw them. The UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme also insures your deposit for upto 35000 pounds as an individual or double in case of a joint deposit in any Authorized Bank or deposits made in any Building Society, so your savings are comparatively safe as compared to stocks.

There are different banks still offering attractive interest rates for 1 to 3 year terms. Some of them like 'Northern Rock' and 'Nottingham BS' are offering 6.40% interest with a minimum amount from 500 to 1000 pounds and the lock-in period upto 1st Oct-2009 for 'Norrthern Rock' to 1st Aug-2010 for 'Nottingham BS'. Some like the 'Anglo-Irish Bank' and 'Heritable Bank' are offering 6.35% interest on a minimum amount of 500 to 1000 pounds for a lock-in period of 1 to 3 years. These rates might not be available for a long time since there are predictions of rates going only downwards not only in the current year but also in the next year.

You can also lock-in your money in Mini Cash ISA's. This means that you can put upto 3000 pounds in cash in any of the Tax-free ISA schemes. The rates will be variable, i.e. they will move up and down every time The Bank of England makes any change in it's rates, but there are also fixed-rate schemes, where you could lock-in your money for a fixed period at a fixed rate of interest. You can utilize the mini cash ISA only once a year but you can continue putting money in it year after year. Some of the attractive schemes running on at present are by 'Northern Rock', which is offering 6.20% interest with a minimum deposit amount of 500 pounds for a 3 year lock-in period followed by 'Nationwide', which is offering 6.15% interest with a minimum deposit of only 1 pound for a 1 to 2 year period and 'Leeds BS' offering 6.10% interest again with a minimum deposit of only 1 pound for a 3 year lock-in period.

The whole world, especially the South East Asian countries have witnessed fast growth and some economies such as India and China have grown extremely fast, but accompanied by some painful side effects such as a high inflation rate. However, there are signs of the UK economy running out of breath after putting up a good show in the previous year. Since interest rates normally go up and down in cycles, the indications are now clearly towards a downward motion. So, save your money by locking it in savings to stay safe from any future downtrend.

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Article written by: Craig Parker - Make Money Expert

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