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make lots of money fastAfter following your advice and using the Docs method I made over £500 in the last two weeks. Thank you for your advice you are right this is a powerful system that works. I am now going to try another one of the opportunities that you review and I will let you know how I get on. I can't wait until my next pay cheque hits my account. Thanks again :-)

Alex from Warwick

how to earn extra moneyI just wanted to let you know that your site has been very helpful. I have always wanted to work at home but didn't know where to start. After reading your reviews I signed up to 3 of the sites that you have listed and I am now making a very nice income of £300+ per week working from home. This is a perfect situation for me because it means I can be a home mum and still have my own dependence... I will be telling my friends about your site.

Emma from Nottingham

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Recent Research Shows Responding to Twitter Queries Boosts Profits

As any major business spokesperson will tell you, customer service is paramount to the success of a business. In an age of impatience, the expectance of quick service weighs heavily on a company’s resources.

Fortunately, tech savvy businesses have an unlikely ally to help them negotiate the minefield that is customer service in Twitter. Twitter allows businesses to handle customer queries quickly and efficiently with minimum fuss, while also having the benefit of being free to use.

This is because they can answer the most commonly asked questions communally, providing customers with links to support sites and short, concise solutions. This may sound like just another facet of customer service that should be used on the company website. But Twitter isn’t any other website, Twitter’s personal. It gives the business the opportunity to personally answer customer’s complaints in real time, which is not only reassuring, but also gives the illusion that they care for the needs of the customer. Of course, as a respected business, I’m sure they really do care for the needs of your customer.

Not only can businesses tweet responses, but customers can also private message the business, which can spend some time dealing with messages directly. Of course, businesses need to be prepared for the work in keeping up with complaints, requests and queries.

The benefits of this are tangible, too. Recent research by the Twitter Q & A survey suggests that businesses that post responses on Twitter, and do so quickly, are more likely to get repeat custom from those that they respond to. In fact, up to 64% of those surveyed said they would purchase from businesses that responded to their queries on Twitter.

This is because Twitter can be used as a tailored selling mechanism: responding to a query about a product may allay any fears a customer has about purchasing your product or service, which will leave them with little reason to not hand over their hard-earned money to you.

If you believe in delivering great customer, then you should believe in Twitter.

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