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Apple: Growth Despite Adversity

The recent and untimely passing of Apple’s iconic leader, Steve Jobs, brought shock and sadness to millions of people around the world. It is this tragedy, however, that makes news that Apple has achieve an 85% rise in profits this year even more impressive. Though his death only occurred recently, Jobs had not been heavily involved in Apple for most of the year as a result of his declining health. Considering that Jobs was considered the driving force behind Apple’s success, the recent figures can be considered proof that Apple will survive without Jobs.

Or perhaps not...

Despite these impressive growth figures, one nonsensical and, perhaps, stupid move has cost Apple a 5% drop in shares. This mistake being the Iphone 4s.  

Now, this isn’t to say the Iphone 4s isn’t fantastic and it’s certainly not saying that it isn’t an improvement on the old Iphone 4. What it is, however, is a disappointment, which can be just as damaging to a company’s reputation. Apple lovers have come to expect major developments, both in terms of technology and, importantly, style. Apple may have part-delivered on the technology, but it did nothing to improve the style of Iphone 4. With all the hype surrounding the possibility of a completely new Iphone 5, the Iphone 4s was destined to fall short.

The advent of the Iphone 4s was supposed to help Apple reach the projected sales of 20 million Iphone sales. Instead It fell 2.9 million unites short of that figure. Granted 17.1 million units is still impressive, but still, what if this signals a decline in standards for Apple?

I hope that the answer to this question is no and I hope that any doubts are overly-pessimistic. But unless Apple learns from this, they can’t hope to be winning any more fans anytime soon.

If this mistake has taught other businesses anything, it’s to always stick to what you do best and never, ever let yourself publicly fall short of what your customers expect of you. I, along with many others, expected an iconic, stylish accessory which is as technologically advanced as it is cool.

The irony? I’ll probably still end up buying a 4s when my contract runs out in 2 months.

The resulting conclusion: for the time being at least, Apple may be able to get away with mediocre advances by relying on over-zealous Apple snobs like me.

earn extra money uk
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